HOMInG Seminars keep on going

HOMInG Seminars keep on going in the new online format via Zoom. Everyone is welcome to participate, if interested please send an email to bernardo.armanni@unitn.it.

The next appointments are:

  • HS 43_20 October 20 – 3pm CET: J. Lenhard, F. Samanani, F. Kazhaei, N. Simpson: “Home: Ethnographic encounters” online book presentation
  • HS 44_20 October 21 – 2pm CET: T. Hadjiyanni (University of Minnesota Twin Cities): “The Right to Home: Exploring How Space, Culture and Identity Intersect with Disparities” online book presentation
  • HS 45_20 November 3 – 11am CET: A. Miranda-Nieto, A. Massa, S. Bonfanti: “Shifting Roofs: Ethnographies of Home and Mobility in Europe” online book presentation
  • HS 46_20 November 23 – 10.30am CET: N. Frost, T. Selwyn and S. Hadzimuhamedovic: “Travelling towards Home: Mobilities and Homemaking” online book presentation
  • HS 47_20 December 10 – 10am CET: A. Handel (Tel Aviv University): What’s in a home? Toward a critical theory of housing/dwelling