HOMInG seminars

Through periodical seminars, conferences and meetings, HOMInG aims to facilitate the circulation of ideas, methods and research findings on the interface of home-making, migration and human mobility, by engaing colleagues from a variety of disciplinary and national backgrounds. HOMInG seminars generally take place at the Dpt. of Sociology, University of Trento. 


HS 20_18 June 21: Deirdre McKay (Keele University): Home against home – unpacking an ethics of home-making in the Filipino diaspora

HS 19_18 May 23: Antonio Tosi (Politecnico di Milano): Pensare un welfare abitativo: alla ricerca di politiche ‘più sociali’

HS 18_18 May 8: Nancy Foner (City University of New York): Feeling at home: National identity and the second generation in the US and Western Europe

HS 17_18, April 13: Olivia Sheringham and Janetka Platun (Queen Mary, University of London), Exploring urban dwelling and migration through collaboration and creative practice

HS 16_18, March 19: Annalisa Frisina (University of Padova), Visual Methods in Migration Studies. An Introduction for HOMInG researchers

HS 15_18, February 27: Ilka Vari-Lavoisier, Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia, Milena Belloni, From migration and refugee studies to homing… and beyond

HS 14_18, January 10: Peter Kellett (Newcastle University), Constructing houses: creating home. Informal building and dwelling practices in Colombia


HS 13_17, December 12: Giuliana Costa (Politecnico, Milan), Where next? Emerging care needs and the (re)construction of domestic space

HS 12_17, November 10: Pnina Werbner (Anthropology, Keele University), Migration and the sacralisation of (new) homes

HS 11_17, November 9: Pnina Werbner (Anthropology, Keele University), The Illusion of simultaneity: When home loses its ‘homeliness’

 HS 10_17, October 16: Daniel Miller (Anthropology, University College London), Migration and interior decoration, offline and online

 HS 9_17, September 13: Jan Willem Duyvendak (Sociology, University of Amsterdam), Melissa Butcher (Geography, Birbeck College), Stef Jansen (Anthropology, University of Manchester), Researching home across disciplines: a conversation

 HS 8_17, July 3: Nando Sigona (Sociology, University of Birmingham), Campzenship: the camp as a social and political space 

HConference 1_17, June 5-6: Researching home and migration: Questions, methods, prospects (with the HOMInG team and about 50 scholars from 17 different countries)

HS 7_17, May 22: Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (Sociology, USC), Black and brown on common ground: Rooting men, masculinities and race 

 HS 6_17, May 9: Irene Cieraad (Anthropology, TU Delft), Anthropological perspectives of home

HS 5_17, March 21: Adriano Cancellieri (Sociology, IUAV, Venice), Qui mi sento a casa. Cos’è e come si costruisce il ‘senso di casa’: tra bisogni antropologici e sfide contemporanee 

 HS 4_17, January 17: Loretta Baldassar (Sociology, UWA), Visits Home as kinning and consumption: Pilgrimage, rite of passage, migration stage or routine transnational life way? 



HS 3_16, December 19: Fare-casa e sentirsi a casa in migrazione (Applied anthropology SIAA Workshop with Paolo Boccagni, Bruno Riccio, Sebastiano Ceschi, Roberta Altin, Sara Bonfanti, Giuseppe Grimaldi)

HS 2_16, December 14: Lures and pitfalls of doing research in the home: a conversation with Elinor Ochs (Anthropology, UCLA)

HS_1/16, December 13: Elinor Ochs (Anthropology, UCLA), Reconsidering the American Dream