HOMING INTERVIEW #18: Anne Sigfrid Grønseth

HOMING INTERVIEW # 18: Anne Sigfrid Grønseth

Professor in Social Anthropology at Lillehammer University College

Conducted by Aurora Massa in Stockholm on 16 August 2018

“During our research, we found asylum seekers engaged in what we would call homemaking processes: they buy things they like, they often have brought small things with them – such as a carpet from their sister or dresses from their mother -, they sometimes have things sent to in the post for them… at the same time they do not want these accommodations to be their homes. They can be seen to engage in homemaking practices, despite their poor living standard and limited access to material goods, they display and arrange objects in likeable ways, while also not wanting these things to make and be their home. In this sense, the asylum seekers can be seen to engage in a sort of fight against their inclination to make a home: they make home in a place they do not want to be their home”.

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