HOMInG interview #15: Dirk Geldof

Homing Interview #15: Dirk Geldof

HOMInG interview with Dirk Geldof
Senior Lecturer at the University of Antwerp and at Odisee University College Brussels.

Conducted by Milena Belloni in Berchem, Antwerpen on 12th July, 2018.

Photos by Jorge Alcalde. Extracts from the series “Antwerp… in the year 5777” : the Jewish quarter” and “A stroke of light…the neighbourhood” (www.jorgealcaldephotography.be).

“Housing pathways are very important I think. People’s preferences about housing change a lot over time due to their age, financial means, things they learned from their parents, what they are taking with them etc. Looking at what home means, implies also examining life trajectories and the crucial transition periods”.

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