HOMInG Working paper no. 2_2018: Home and Migration: a Bibliography

HOMInG Working paper no. 2_2018

Paolo Boccagni, Sara Bonfanti, Alejandro Miranda, Aurora Massa

Home and Migration: a Bibliography

The literature on homemaking and migration covers a vast array of disciplines, case studies, and substantive/methodological approaches. While being almost overwhelming by now, it also tends to be disperse and parcelized. There are several instances of mutually relevant works (or even authors) that are not in contact with each other. Part of the “nexus” to which HOMInG refers has to do with the aim of overcoming this fragmentation. Our WP 2_2018 provides a map of this burgeoning research field by key categories, thus paralleling the theory-building work of the HOMInG team; and hopefully providing a good tool for those who are researching, worldwide, the social experience of home under the influence of migration, mobility and diversity. Unsurprisingly, almost all of the references below are in English, apart from some specific references in Italian (Italy being HOMInG’s home-place at present). Monographs (or even edited collections or special issues) are relatively few, compared with journal articles. It also comes as no surprise that key references can be found all across social sciences, and beyond.

While being reasonably extensive, this Bibliography is clearly selective – based on the relevance of the literature to HOMInG as a project – and exposed to the risk of missing important references along the way. Yet, scanning through it can give some refreshing insight for thinking, writing, or designing fieldwork. Indeed, we see it as a worthwhile effort, if only for the lack of any comparable overview on the intersection of migration and home studies. Of course, this is a higly temporary product – the snapshot of a constantly moving and expanding field. Therefore, it will be periodically updated. All suggestions for new and relevant literature are welcome at homing@unitn.it.