HOMInG in progress

The first round of postdoc selections, prior to the start of HOMInG’s comparative fieldwork, is now concluded.
About 50 applications were received from sixteen different countries. While one candidate out of two was native of Italy, about 20% were either Mexican or Turkish, and the rest from a number countries across four continents: Ecuador, Iran, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Albania, China, Slovenia…
Most of them had a Phd either in sociology or anthropology, with a few exceptions in history, politics and education. Their mean age was 35 yrs. Women (two candidates out of three) outnumbered men. Interestingly, almost half candidates had obtained their Phd in countries other than the native ones.
For sure, these descriptive figures say little of the underlying biographies and professional trajectories. There is quite a degree of diversity and widespread interest, anyway, around issues of migration and home!
More info & updates to follow soon.