HOMInG’s Paolo Boccagni will give a presentation at Coventry University’s virtual symposium on “House, home and the domestic” next 22 October. Paolo’s presentation, ‘As if it were Home: On the promise of home as a metaphor of and into social reality’, will be in Panel 2 (11.45-12.45 GMT). See more info below.

House, Home and the Domestic symposium

Friday 22 October 2021 (9:20am-17:10pm GMT)

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities (CAMC) welcomes you to their first symposium, taking place virtually on Friday 22nd October 2021.

Symposium overview

Our ideas of and relationships with the home continue to evolve, particularly now in the era of COVID 19. This instability, and the range of experiences felt by diverse groups in different contexts provide significant challenges for theoreticians, researchers and arts practitioners seeking to understand the complexities of the contemporary experience of home, identity and belonging. Inevitably the internal reaches of the home are shaped by external, cultural and social norms, but now, with the heightened tensions about leaving the home, the increased complexity around how and when the home is used and its virtual visibility, the spaces of, and withdrawal into ‘home’ have gained new meanings. The negotiations within these spaces are also affected by relationships – past and present, expectations and hopes, migration and displacement, memory and loss, and age, personal, social and economic factors. As such, the home is far from being stable as either a personal or social framework.

Focusing on the home as an enclosed space with its surrounding parameters, this international symposium aims to encourage dialogues between different areas of expertise and highlight how these new meanings have been experienced within different countries. It is hoped that these conversations will help to extend understandings of this fundamental aspect of being human.