NEW HOMING SEMINAR (MAY 18, 10 CEST): “‘Moved by the hand of God’: Exploring the role of communities of faith in the home-migration nexus”

Next HOMInG Seminar [55_21] will be held on May 18th, at 10am CEST, by Luis Eduardo Perez-Murcia (University of Trento, ERC HOMInG).


What and where is home for those who are moved by the hand of God? How does mobility driven by people’s faith complicate the home-mobility nexus? Based on the life story of Lucho Sanchez, a Peruvian religious minister who has been spreading Christian values amongst Muslim communities in Manchester since 2007, this paper investigates these
questions. It shows how Lucho’s mobile life has been primarily driven by his religious convictions and the spiritual need to share Christian values with people who profess different faiths. By mobilising his faith, Lucho is not seeking a place to create ‘roots’. Instead, he is searching for ‘routes’ to propagate the moral values of his community of faith and by doing so supporting refugees to make Manchester their ‘home’. The presentation concludes by highlighting how rather than being fixed in any particular building, city, or country, home in this search has become a mobile space that Lucho experiences as a ‘journey with God’.

Following Luis Eduardo’s presentation, participants will have the opportunity to hear Lucho Sanchez’s voice reflecting on how his life experience has been portrayed in the presentation. Then, Luis Eduardo and Lucho will address participants’ questions and comments.

Anyone is welcome to the seminar, if interested please write an email to