HOMING SEMINAR (MAY 11, 4 CEST): “Art, Borders and Belonging” online book presentation

Next HOMInG’s seminar (54_21), will be an online book presentation of Art, Borders and Belonging: On Home and Migration (edited by Bloomsbury, 2021). The seminar will be held on May 11th at 4pm CEST.

Speakers include the book’s editors, Maria Photiou and Marsha Meskimmon, as well as the contributors Lydia Wooldridge, Nadia Garcia, Imogen Racz, Alexandra Kokoli, Eva Zetterman, and Aliya de Tiesenhausen.


Co-editors Maria Photiou and Marsha Meskimmon alongside chapters authors will talk about the book Art, Borders and Belonging: On Home and Migration. This volume brings together essays that explore the conditions of global migration as a process that is always both about departures and homecomings, indeed, homemakings, through which the construction of migratory narratives are made possible. Although the volume is centrally concerned with how recent and contemporary works of art can materialize the migratory experience of movement and (re)settlement, it also explores how the curating and exhibition practices, at local and global levels, can extend and challenge conventional narratives of art, borders and belonging. 

Anyone is welcome, please register in advance! (bernardo.armanni@unitn.it)