HOMING SEMINAR (MAY 6, 10 CET): Exploring the sacralization of migrant homes: religious rituals, objects and spaces as ways of home-making (BY BARBARA BERTOLANI)

HOMInG’s seminar 53_21 will be held on May 6th, at 10am CET, by Barbara Bertolani.

Can the everyday lived religious experience in migrants’ homes be considered as something that allows for a social appropriation and construction of domestic space by its inhabitants? In this HOMInG seminar Barbara Bertolani will explore the ritualization of migrants’ dwellings as a set of home-making practices and object-related engagements that may modify the use and perception of domestic space and time. At the same time, she will consider how the transposition of religious rituals and performances within one’s private dwelling may affect the individual and social practice of religion, intersecting with gender and generations. Barbara’s analysis is based on ethnographic observation in Punjabi Sikh homes in Italy and in India, as well as on qualitative interviews addressed to ten Sikh families living in northern Italy. She will consider religious objects and performances as multilayered and multiscalar, as they connect present dwellings to different homes and spaces, triggering memories, past experiences, relationships and emotions, and contributing to migrants’ identity continuity and change. In other words, Barbara will explore domestic religious performances as home-making practices.

Anyone is welcome to the seminar, if interested please write an email to bernardo.armanni@unitn.it