HOMInG interview with Nigel Rapport (University of St. Andrews)
Conducted by Paolo Boccagni [PB] and Sara Bonfanti [SB]
November 2020

“Homing is a universal practice, not just of human animals but other animals. Homing is a continuous practice: from moment to moment I make myself at home in my body, in my thoughts, in my projects, my world… But the way that I practise that, what I do in homing myself, how am I at home in the world, and how I accommodate my practices to others’, all this calls for phenomenological subtlety, appreciating individual difference. Homing is a universal human capacity and a universal human proclivity, and it should be a universal human right: our recognizing that capacity and that need and that practice. For how homing is substantiated, the substance of ‘home’, will be individually different…  How each of us substantiates home will amount to a wild and weird and wonderful, diverse, agglomeration, while the capacity of homing will be something universally held in common by us as a species and beyond. So, ‘homing’ as against a cacophony of expressions of ‘home’. Home as a substantiation of the capacity for homing is infinite”.

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