HOMING @ “Social dynamics. Inequalities, integration, mobility and migration” (November 16-17)

HOMInG’s Stefania Toma will present a co-authored paper, next week, at the international online conference Social dynamics. Inequalities, integration, mobility and migration (16-17 November). The conference is organized by the Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont at the Centre for Social Sciences in Budapest. Stefania’s joint presentation with László Fosztó will be on “Going abroad for Making a Home at Home“. See the abstract below.

Stefánia Toma – László Fosztó

Going abroad for Making a Home at Home

The effect of migration and remittances on the localities of origin is often debated in migration studies. It was argued that while the influx of financial resources can have positive developmental effect on the local economy, the outmigration of the population and the increase and polarisation of socio-economic differences also create barriers to local development. We intend to contribute to this debate with our study based on ethnographic fieldwork and household surveys in ethnically mixed localities in Romania. We will present the case of Roma population living in rather poor and segregated communities and along with their better off non-Roma neighbours. We argue that the recent mobility within the EU opened access to new opportunities and resources even for the poorest segments of the Romanian society. Comparing the social-economic profile of different groups in our sample we analyse the effects of migration experiences and remittances on the local society. We complement the analysis with a focus on attitudes generating further mobility and the material signs of investments. We interpret the renovation of houses, intensifying home-making process, as intentions (and realisations) of return that generate long term investments in the home communities.