Stefania Toma: The microcosm of migration and return: Identity, space and home in Romania (HOMInG WP 9_2020)

This HOMInG Working Paper presents the main directions of research in Romania as regards the migration of Romanian citizens and their remittance houses. It provides an overview on ‘pride houses’ and ‘Gypsy palaces’, two types of remittance buildings that gained attention in the public opinion. Both are attractions – ‘touristic’ and ‘professional’ ones. However, this bias towards the visible, exotic, or conspicuous might obscure some underlying processes of residential transformation due to migration and remittances. After (1) a short overview of the houses built by the ethnic Romanian returnees in particular areas of Romania, the Working paper presents (2) the literature on Gypsy palaces and their interpretation by the majority and their owners. It continues with (3) a brief overview of the literature of residential patterns of the Roma community and ends with (4) an outline of the broader effects of migration and return on the architecture and residential patterns of Roma settlements. Finally, a selected bibliography is presented along thematic lines, following the main sections of the text.

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