As of March 2020, the research team of HOMInG includes three more colleagues, all of them recruited as research assistants: Bernardo Armanni, Stefania Yapo and Stefania Toma. See their short bios below.
Bernardo Armanni
Bernardo Armanni is a graduate cultural sociologist, who joined HOMInG as a research assistant in February 2020. In March 2019 he obtained the Joint International Master’s Degree in Cultural Sociology, having the University of Trento as his home institution. In June 2019, he participated in the conference Diaspore Italiane: Between Immigration and Historical Amnesia, held in Genova, presenting his work on the memorialization of Italian migrations. In July and October 2019 he collaborated with HOMInG as enumerator and fieldworker in London.
Stefania Toma
Stefania Toma is sociologist and anthropologist with research experience at the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities. Her research interests include anthropology of ethnic minorities and ethnic relations, migration, economic anthropology and sociology of education. In the HOMInG project she will investigate how migrants’ return shapes social and spatial relationships in multiethnic communities in Romania. During the last years she was involved in a number of national and international collaborative research projects (eg. SocioRoMap – Socio-graphic mapping of the Roma Communities in Romania; MigRom – The Immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe). Her recent publications include: Romanian Roma at home: mobility patterns, migration experiences, networks and remittances (with László Fosztó and Cătălina Tesăr), in: Matras, Y. and Leggio, V. (eds.): Open Borders, Unlocked Cultures. Romanian Roma migrants in Western Europe, Routledge, 2017.
Stefania Yapo

Stefania Yapo is a sociologist specialized in migration and citizenship studies. She completed her PhD in March 2020 and joined the HOMInG team as a research assistant. She holds a BA in Political Sciences and a MSc in International Studies and Human Rights from Trento. She has a particular focus on the legal and political implications of migration-related issues at both the national(s) and European level. Before turning to the academic world, she worked as an apprentice for an NGO in Dublin, as a paralegal for a law firm in London and a trained assistant for a private Foundation in Rome. She also has several years of experience collaborating with the Statistical Office of her local area.