Within the new SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Methods, edited by Paul Atkinson et al., Paolo Boccagni has just published an entry on Multi-sited Ethnography which expands on the view of ethnography underlying ERC HOMInG.
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“The notion of multi-sited ethnography (MSE) has mostly been used, after George Marcus (1995), as a shorthand for all ways of doing ethnographic fieldwork in more than one site. While the underlying claim for a radical departure from classical research objects and fields has been problematized by other anthropologists (e.g., Ferguson, 2011), MSE has soon taken an academic life of its own. Importantly, Marcus’s seminal formulation placed greater emphasis on the processual connections between sites than the plurality of them. Yet, the predominant connotation of the term since has been for the coexistence of more (physical) sites within the same research design. More intriguingly, however, MSE can also be appreciated as an original approach to ethnography—one marked by the attempt to reconstruct the system of …”