New seminar – A.M. Brighenti: Urban thresholds and modes of domestication

HOMInG seminar no. 22_18 will be with Andrea Mubi Brighenti (University of Trento) next October 10 at 11am, Dpt. of Sociology, Trento. See the abstract below. All welcome!
A.M. Brighenti (University of Trento)
Urban thresholds and modes of domestication
In this lecture, I propose to explore urban space through the notion of threshold. The latter is not simply a spatial embodiment of a boundary. On the contrary, the occurrence of “thresholds” points towards the distinction between different registers of social interaction. Can domestication be imagined as one of such registers? Rather than defining domestication, I propose to review a series of cases where domesticating practices are seen in urban context, becoming visibile and perhaps, legible. Finally, I suggest how at least some of the modes of domestication resonate with an “animistic” sensitivity in the interpretation of social phenomena.