HOMInG is more than one year old by now.
Homingers (four at present; seven from early 2018) have started doing fieldwork in a variety of settings across Europe. Over the last year, this website has collected some preliminary materials, thanks also to the involvement of a variety of colleagues in HOMInG seminars and interviews.
See for instance, on the political meanings of home and migration, the lecture by Jan Willem Duyvendak; on migrant transnational housing trajectories, and on the dilemmas of real vs ideal dwellings, the lecture by Daniel Miller; on the search for home among refugees and the displaced, the keynote by Cathrine Brun and the interview with Stef Jansen; on the persisting significance of home in migrant diasporas, the interview with Pnina Werbner; on some preliminary insights from HOMInG fieldwork, the posts by Sara Bonfanti (London) (Brescia) and Aurora Massa (Rome); on the conceptual and research bases of the home-migration nexus, the monograph by Paolo Boccagni; on the transition from “home” to “homing”, the working paper 1/17.
Enjoy… and season greetings!