Adriano Cancellieri: Why home-making matters – Perché il “fare casa” è importante (video)

The second HOMInG seminar of 2017 (in Italian), with Adriano Cancellieri (IUAV, Venice), has emphasized the significance of home-making as an anthropological need and an emotionalized, emplaced and embodied day-to-day experience. Based on his own fieldwork and theoretical elaboration, Adriano makes a case for six dimensions to be constitutive of a progressive sense of home: spatial and temporal centrality, materiality, comfort, place appropriation, emotional attachment and care.
Adriano builds on his book Hotel House. Etnografia di un condominio multietnico (Professionaldreamers, 2013). He also expands on his piece Towards a progressive home-making, which is part of a SI of the Journal of Housing and the Built Environment on Immigrants and home in the making (P. Boccagni and A.M. Brighenti, eds., 2017).
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