HOMING INTERVIEW #11: Janetka Platun

HOMING INTERVIEW #11: Janetka Platun Conducted by Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia "Feeling connected to more than one place in my own mind is why I’m interested in exploring home as a concept as an artist. The more I explore the idea of home the more confused it becomes in my mind". Read the interview!


Homing Interview #10: Nancy Foner Conducted by Paolo Boccagni and Sara Bonfanti, on 9th May 2018 in Trento. “In truth, migrants often have romanticized views of home. These views may provide comfort in the migrant setting when they, like Jamaicans in London and New York, experience disappointments and prejudice and discrimination.  But if they do actually return, they face a home … Leggi tutto HOMING INTERVIEW #10: NANCY FONER