HOMInG seminars

Every month or so, HOMInG will host a seminar at the Dpt. of Sociology, University of Trento. Three seminars, to start with, will take place in December 2016:

HS_1/016, December 13, 3pm: Elinor Ochs (UCLA), Reconsidering the American Dream (discussants: Giuseppe Sciortino; Francesca Decimo; Ester Gallo)

HS_2/016, December 14, 3pm: Lures and pitfalls of doing research in the home: a conversation with Elinor Ochs (with: Paolo Boccagni, Francesca Decimo, Andrea Brighenti, Ester Gallo)

HS_3/016, December 19, 11am-12.30pm: Workshop Fare-casa e sentirsi a casa in migrazione (with: Paolo Boccagni, Bruno Riccio, Sebastiano Ceschi, Martina Giuffré, Roberta Altin, Sara Bonfanti, Giuseppe Grimaldi), co-organized with the SIAA (Società Italiana di Antropologia Applicata), upon its 4th National conference.

HS_1/017, January 17, 3pm: Loretta Baldassar (UWA), Visits Home as kinning and consumption: pilgrimage, rite of passage, migration stage or routine transnational life way? (discussants: Giuseppe Sciortino, Ester Gallo, Rizza Cases)

HS_2/017, March 21, 11am: Adriano Cancellieri (IUAV, Venice), Qui mi sento a casa. Cos’è e come si costruisce il ‘senso di casa’: tra bisogni antropologici e sfide contemporanee (discussants: Giuseppe Sciortino and Andrea Mubi Brighenti)

HS_3/017, May 9, 2.30pm: Irene Cieraad (TU Delft), Anthropological perspectives of home (discussant: Ester Gallo);

HS_4/017, May 22, 2.30pm: Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (University of Southern California), Black and Brown on Common Ground: Rooting Men, Masculinities and Race (discussant: Andrea Brighenti);

HS_5/017, June 12, 4.30pm: Daniel Miller (University College London), Interior decoration – Offline and online (discussant: TBA);

HS_6/017, July 3, 3pm: Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham), Campzenship: the camp as a social and political space (discussant: TBA)