HOMInG @ RGS 2017

An author-meets-critics session on "The home-migration nexus: Theory, research, prospects" will take place at the next Annual international conference of the Royal Geographic Society in London. The session, on Friday 1 September at 9am, will involve Marco Antonsich, Paolo Boccagni, Jorgen Carling, Melissa Fernandez, Louise Meijering and Lauren Wagner. More info: http://conference.rgs.org/AC2017/289



HOMInG's PI Paolo Boccagni has co-convened two sessions at the ISA World Congress of Sociology (Toronto, 15-21 July 2018): one, with Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (RC31), on Migrant home-making in the era of fortified borders: Reproducing the past, resisting the present, redefining the future?; another, with Margarethe Kusenbach (RC43), on Researching home: Choices, challenges, opportunities.  Abstract submission online, up to September 30: http://www.isa-sociology.org/en/conferences/world-congress/toronto-2018/call-for-abstracts/

Migration and search for home: a symposium (video)

Migration and search for home: a symposium Rotterdam, IMISCOE Annual Conference 2017. June 29, 2017. Participants: Paolo Boccagni, Marco Martiniello, Marta Bivand, Maja Frykman, Alistair Hunter, Dirk Geldof, Godfried Engbersen. The Home-Migration Nexus was extensively discussed at a symposium at the IMISCOE annual conference, based on P. Boccagni's book Migration and the search for home.


HOMInG Workshop (June 5-6): videos of the session "Homing meets critics" (with Sara Bonfanti, Aurora Massa, Alejandro Miranda) and of the following presentations: Annabelle Wilkins, Friedemann Neumann, Anna Pechurina, Lauren Wagner, Robin Vandevoordt, Anna Perraudin, Irene Pellegrini, Agnieszka Trąbka.See on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFqJwCSFSWu3HM274aNmAnw RESEARCHING HOME AND MIGRATION QUESTIONS, METHODS, PROSPECTS An international workshop within the ERC HOMInG Project ERC … Leggi tutto RESEARCHING HOME AND MIGRATION: MORE VIDEOS

Three comments on the International Workshop on Home & Migration

Sara’s comments The International Workshop on Home & Migration held last week in Trento kicked off the HOMInG team’s research enterprise. The event was an ambivalent success: in terms of networking it proved enjoyable and promising, fueling new collaborations, in terms of theme coherence instead it exposed the inherent contradiction in studying ‘home’, a catch-it-all … Leggi tutto Three comments on the International Workshop on Home & Migration

HOMInG @ SIEF 2017 – Ways of Dwelling

Two HOMInG researchers will participate, next week, in the 2017 conference of SIEF (International Society for Ethnology and Folklore) on Ways of Dwelling: Crisis, Craft, Creativity (Gottingen, March 27-30). Paolo Boccagni will give a presentation on Homing in migrants' everyday lives - a conceptual framework (session Home04- Makeshift homing, March 29 at 8.30am). Sara Bonfanti … Leggi tutto HOMInG @ SIEF 2017 – Ways of Dwelling

New HOMInG Fellows

Three HOMInG research fellows have eventually been selected, and will start working on the project next month. They are social anthropologists Sara Bonfanti and Aurora Massa, and cultural sociologist Alejandro Miranda. Looking forward to homing them!