HOMInG @ SIEF 2017 – Ways of Dwelling

Two HOMInG researchers will participate, next week, in the 2017 conference of SIEF (International Society for Ethnology and Folklore) on Ways of Dwelling: Crisis, Craft, Creativity (Gottingen, March 27-30). Paolo Boccagni will give a presentation on Homing in migrants' everyday lives - a conceptual framework (session Home04- Makeshift homing, March 29 at 8.30am). Sara Bonfanti … Leggi tutto HOMInG @ SIEF 2017 – Ways of Dwelling


Researching home and migration: extended deadline (April 2)

Researching home and migration: questions, methods, prospects  An international workshop within the ERC HOMInG Project University of Trento, 5-6 June, 2017 Home, as a social setting, experience, or category, has raised increasing attention in a number of research domains, including migration and its consequences in and across societies. While several case studies have been done … Leggi tutto Researching home and migration: extended deadline (April 2)


A session on the home-making potential of reception and housing initiatives for asylum seekers in Italy will be part of the 4th Annual conference of ESCAPES, an Italian research network on forced migration. The conference will take place in Parma next June 8-9. The session Dall'accoglienza al fare casa is convened, in Italian, by Cristina … Leggi tutto HOMInG @ ESCAPES 2017